Today’s Ayi lunch

Today’s Ayi lunch served up:braised pork hock with chicken egg, Amaranth greens or aka Pig Weed, steamed fish drenched in oil, ginger and scallions. Pork ribs and Daikon/turnip soup. Note to self: run chopstick on surface of pork skin to detect unsighted pig hair stubbles. It really is unpleasant to discover stubbles jabbing my gums…

Grilled Oysters

Xiamen has great oysters and the common way to serve them is one of the best I’ve had. Steamed or grilled, then topped with ┬áminced ginger, garlic, scallions, and salt, flash sauteed in oil.

dashoffood is getting a boost of inspiration from my lovely and talented friend @berryshine . I cooked a family classic passed down from my dad to me by osmosis for her lovely project to empower herself to grow her blog and photography passions. We both took turns with food styling and learning from one another. Thank you Tracy for engaging me and inspiring me! xo..vancouver igersvancouver vancouver inmemory chickenmushroom rice homecooking faitavecamour madewithlove pnw familylove ingredients ginger heritage familyrecipe myrecipe cookbook cook miseenplace instafood ilovefood food chicken hakka hakkafood foodporn foodlover foodpic foodphotography foodporn foodculture

One of the perks with travel is that I get the windows of opportunity to seek out new foods and drink. With business travel that perk is often harder to obtain, with being on work schedules and rushing around without much personal at all. Here I managed a 20 min lunch break walk away from the factory to the local neighbourhood street market. Two other people joined me on my adventure, factory hq staffers a visiting from Taiwan. We came across this dried food snack vendor and we all grinned big smiles. Such fresh variety of local dried fruits, nuts, and seafood (mostly fish and squid). We tasted as many things as we could then purchased an array of nuts and plums before we rushed back for our jam packed afternoon of things to do. So glad for the chance experience.

Vegetable Chicken Stew

  One of the ways to show love for people is to cook for them, especially when they are in need of compassion and support, even if they don’t ask for it or know that they need it.   A dear friend is in mourning while having her hands full with the paperwork of a…