Naan Bread Pizza

Happy National Pizza Day! OK, even though we’re in Canada, we couldn’t pass up the occasion to celebrate this wonderful comfort food with friends. We used a Naan bread for the pizza base, making it a “build your own toppings” dinner party. Put it on a pizza stone under the broiler for a few minutes and Andiamo! Let’s eat

30 mins Tomato Coconut Soup

On a chilly night, how about a hot bowl of coconut cream tomato soup? Even better yet, it takes less than 10 mins to make. Mix one small can of tomato garlic paste with one can of coconut milk/cream (not the drinking kind), one cup of broth or water and some dried or fresh basil. Bring to a simmer. Then add a little bit of salt and pepper to balance the flavours. Et Voil

Yunnanese Soup Noodles

Yunnanese styled Sour and Spicy Mustard Greens with Pork broth on glass noodles. Tasty and healthy lunch.

Vegetable Chicken Stew

  One of the ways to show love for people is to cook for them, especially when they are in need of compassion and support, even if they don’t ask for it or know that they need it.   A dear friend is in mourning while having her hands full with the paperwork of a…

Italian styled Garlic Prawns with Spicy Sausages

Italian styled Garlic Prawns with Spicy Sausages © Kaishin Chu 2008 I made this for a potluck gathering, it turned out really well as it reheated under the broiler perfectly. Don’t forget to have some good bread for dipping and soaking up the juices at the end. 2 Cups of fresh prawns or room temp….

Scalloped Potatoes and Onions

scalloped and pretty © Kaishin Chu 2008. Purple potatoes layered with onions, and yellow potatoes. Drizzle layers with olive oil and sprinkling of sea salt and fresh black pepper. cover with tin foil and bake till almost tender, then remove foil to brown the top layer while finishing up the cooking. remove to cool a…

Grilled Lamb with Tomato Quinoa and Veggies

Photo posted by Kaishin Chu © 2008. For the first time, I cooked with lamb. Bought a lovely pkg of lamb leg steaks, organic to boot! Med rare seems to work best here. Also for the first time, cooked the quinoa with some tomato juice (V8 was used) along with water. The flavour was richer…