Kona Blue | Kona Kapachi

Has anyone seen this in the Vancouver markets and tried it? A sustainable tuna, yum!!

Kona Kampachi® is a delicious, sushi-grade Hawaiian yellowtail, sustainably raised in the pristine open ocean off the coast of Hawaii.

In the wild, Seriola rivoliana would be known as Almaco Jack or kahala, but Kona Kampachi® is substantially different from its wild counterpart. Kona Blue nurtures its Kona Kampachi® through its entire life cycle from hatch to harvest, yielding one of the healthiest and most delicious fish on the market today.

2 thoughts on “Kona Blue | Kona Kapachi

  1. Matt, thanks for your words on this, I wouldn’t have known if not for you post :) Raw fish rules, esp. sashimi style. I can’t wait to try it when back in Vancouver, I’m only guessing I haven’t had it yet…

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