The evil antagonist of our garden!!! SLUGGIE mwaaahh hahahahaha

Doreen had emailed us to let us know that she had to empty out a lot of the slug traps we’ve had set up with yummy Sleeman’s ale. The were full of drunken and drowned slugs.. which I’m sure died a happy death or we’d like to think that.

So this evening after dinner, Jason and I decided to go out there and go water the garden and thin out the remaining plants that we did not get around to last week. When we got there, it was just before the mosquito hour, and holy moly, were there A LOT of SLUGS!!!!! We went round and round picking them off of marigold plants/flowers and ones trying to make their way into the retained plots. Luckily, they liked the marigold more than the plants! So the marigolds give them selflessly in our mission to grow vegetables, thank goodness for them.

Within 20 minutes, all the grass gnats came out, and it was hard to weed and thin and not breathe in a bug or two… gross! And in reaction to all the gnats, the spiders came out too, to get their meals. I was a bit icked out I have to admit, but I survived and managed to thin out the rest of our beets and re-translplanted our extra swiss chards into the Rhubarb section, as it remains unused for the time being.

Ok. To help save time, the below is a brief photo listing of what’s growing and going on… oh, and our dill herb is growing strong too, but I forgot to take pictures of it.

Radishes!! 2 weeks old plant! I think by next week, we’ll be eating some of our own produce :-)


Itty bitty Carrot plants taking a stronger hold, and fighting off the wild grass and weeds.

Daisies that grew on it’s own outside of our retaining walls. First photo is from 1.5 weeks ago, and the second from this evening, in full bloom. The plant itself gained about 1/2 foot in height as well.

Ruby Red Beets, doing well.. minus the slug bites. We thinned these out today to promote healthy growth.

Ruby Swiss Chard doing very well after last weeks thinning.

Pole Beans fighting hard to do well against slug bites. These are only about 10-12 days old!

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