Bountiful, Beautiful

Beets - Red AceCarrot - Baby SpikeSwiss Chard - Ruby Red

On Sunday we lucked out in the weather, and got half hour between storm cells to check up on the garden and hopefully harvest our first large crop of vegetables.

We had not been able to go to the garden for two weeks, and thus Doreen had solely been caring for the garden with lots of TLC; daily watering (when it was actually sunny), weeding, and keeping a close eye on slugs. She noted that our copper mesh surround we installed seemed to be keeping them out, so now our battle was with those remaining on the inside of the plot perimeter. More beer traps were maintained and some more mesh were put up around new tender plant sprouts, such as the beans and zucchini. Unfortunately, the beans were too far gone to save :( Doreen will sow some new seeds this round, let’s keep our fingers crossed!

DSC_1139June 2ndDSC_1281June 24

We were surprised to see how well all the items came out… well, minus the beans that is, they didn’t survive the slug attacks. 25 min into our harvesting, we heard thunder rumbling closer and closer, thus we knew we had to get out quick. We rushed to fertilize, and wash up our harvest and got out just as it rained ‘cats and dogs’. phew!

La Dolce Vita Garden: 1st major harvest slideshow on Flickr

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