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Earlier this week I had the opportunity to attend a whisky tasting and debate that was put on our local cocktail bar, Uva, and my lovely friend, Lauren Mote. We were treated to three regions of whisk(e)y spirits, from Canada, USA, and my favourite, Scotland.

I’ll share in another post to recap my learnings. I actually wanted to share with you about a few of the amazing people I’ve met, and share their passions, as it may interest you!


Joshua Decologon

A blogger and writer who loves wines and is studying it, you should check out his blog, Here’s someone who genuinely loves what he does.


Simon Brooking

A true gentleman and Scotsman, he sang his way into our hearts in his presentation and debate of scotch whisky. He dressed in full Scottish costume, gave gaelic toasts and even burned a block of peat to set the mood for representing Laphroaig on this day. He is THE ambassador to many of the Scottish whiskies.  You can find him @SimonBrooking and Laphroaig on FB.

John Glaser

Upon leaving the tasting event, I met John Glaser, who turns out to be the Founder and Wheiskymaker of Compass Box. I only recently learned of Compass Box whiskies in the last few months, and they have become some of my favourites, most favourite being the Flaming Heart. A gentleman from Minnesota transplanted to London for the business, he totally represents the era of gentlemen sipping on whiskies.

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