One of my favorite year round drinks to have is Prosecco from Italy. It’s crisp, light and fruity flavours always lift my spirits. Since having moved to China for a short term, I’ve been craving it. It was almost readily available in Vancouver, through certain stores, but here, no luck seeing it yet.

The images above are a just a few of my favorites, by Mionetto Valdobbiadene, sold at BC Liquor Stores, and some cold beer & wine stores. There are quite a few other brands that are just as good, but not as readily available outside of the BC Liquor stores.

If you haven’t tried it, really you should, esp during the warm summer days. The Italians would drink it throughout a meal, which can last for hours, esp. with dinner and friends.

It also makes great cocktails, just add fruit mash to it, sort of like an eye-opener.

Those of you with access to this, have one for me please!

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  1. Oh, what perfect timing.
    I just came across your blog while searching for Prosecco info. Thank you so much for the recommendations :)

    cheers from BC

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