Teriyaki Chicken Sushi Rolls

Photos posted by Kaishin Chu © 2008.

This was my first attempt at making sushi rolls in Zhuhai, had to be a little bit creative with ingredients. Since then, I’ve managed to find all the ingredients needed :)

Chicken Breast – cut into strips and sautée, then add a bit of water to thin the sauce (marinated in soysauce, brown sugar, crushed garlic, cornstarch, cooking wine)
Cucumber – julienned
Mayonaise (Kewpie Mayanaise used here)
Green Onion – slivered
Avocado (not pictured, as we couldn’t find this product here yet)
Short Grain rice – cooked and cooled
Seaweed Sheets
Bamboo Rolling Mat

1. wrap your bamboo mat with plastic wrap
2. place seaweed sheet 1/4″ from the edge closest to you
3. fill rice layer right to edges of only 3 sides, leaving the edge away from you with 3/4′ empty. Works best if your rice is lukewarm, as it’s more pliable and it will help to soften seaweed just enough for it to stick and make it easier to cut.
4. put filling just above the halfway mark of the rice bed, towards you.
5.put mayo or sauce down first, then the most loose items, then the last the sturdy straight items, such as cucumber. about 3/4″ diameter of filling is needed if your rice bed is about 1/4″. The rice ratio vs. filling ratio is usually were it determines if the roll will be successful.
6. when rolling edge in, use fingers and the mat to cram the edge right around the underside of filling and squeeze the roll to get the rice on rice contact for binding, then pull mat edge out, then finish up the roll. (this is where the plastic wrap comes in real handy, no rice and filling crammed into the slats to clean up )
7. place side with flap of sushi down on a flat surface to rest while you roll the next roll. Then cut the first one, after you rolled the second one. This allows the flap to seal, and allow the seaweed to soften up a bit, but not too much were it gets elasticy, allowing better cut surface.
8. cut with cleanly wiped damp knife with each cut, Z sliding movement. Keep a damp cloth handy, wiping the knife after each or every other cut.

Enjoy :)

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