Hokkaido Charcoal Grill 石庭

Hokkaido charcoal grill, fantastic. Best mid-high end restaurant meal yet. 石庭 in Xiamen City, the bottle of sake sure it it all the more enjoyable too. And yes, the chefs kneel on platforms to do their work. I was invited to dine with the factory manager in-waiting, the son of the current manager, whom I…

Grilled Oysters

Xiamen has great oysters and the common way to serve them is one of the best I’ve had. Steamed or grilled, then topped with  minced ginger, garlic, scallions, and salt, flash sauteed in oil.

Dineout: Left Bank

  starting off with steelhead trout croquettes, a flute of Kir Royale, and duck fat popcorn.

Molli Mexican Bistro

  Excellent fresh tacos. The owner even offered to swap my cold taco shell for a new hot one when he saw that I had been slow to eat them all, due to being caught up in lunch conversation. What great service! I highly recommend this little place :) Pictured here are: a pulled pork,…