Hawaiian Poké

Yesterday’s lunch. Poké. ——– A busy day of errands to catch up on post busyness with hosting of the Vancouver Service Jam. Just visited @thenetworkhub and stopped in downstairs to check out this new eatery … Currently taking a lunch break with some colourful fresh food on a sunnier day, enjoying a poke bowl. It’s like a Hawaiian version of a Japanese chirashi bowl. Enjoyable for sure, nice flavours food

Naan Bread Pizza

Happy National Pizza Day! OK, even though we’re in Canada, we couldn’t pass up the occasion to celebrate this wonderful comfort food with friends. We used a Naan bread for the pizza base, making it a “build your own toppings” dinner party. Put it on a pizza stone under the broiler for a few minutes and Andiamo! Let’s eat

Yunnanese Soup Noodles

Yunnanese styled Sour and Spicy Mustard Greens with Pork broth on glass noodles. Tasty and healthy lunch.

Basil Pistachio Pesto

Photograph by kaishin chu © 2009. The Bonus – Basil Pistachio Pesto Well, after lamenting over the loss of production from my basil plants, I had a colander full of uninfested basil leaves that were rescued one by one from the culled stalks. J washed and cleaned these one by one to make sure there…

Teriyaki Chicken Sushi Rolls

Photos posted by Kaishin Chu © 2008. This was my first attempt at making sushi rolls in Zhuhai, had to be a little bit creative with ingredients. Since then, I’ve managed to find all the ingredients needed :) Ingredients:Chicken Breast – cut into strips and sautée, then add a bit of water to thin the…

Italian styled Garlic Prawns with Spicy Sausages

Italian styled Garlic Prawns with Spicy Sausages © Kaishin Chu 2008 I made this for a potluck gathering, it turned out really well as it reheated under the broiler perfectly. Don’t forget to have some good bread for dipping and soaking up the juices at the end. 2 Cups of fresh prawns or room temp….

Polpette di Kai

(Italian style Meatballs or Burger Patties)Photo posted by Kaishin Chu © 2007. I made a scrumptious ground meat recipe that worked both for meatballs and hamburger patties. I did spaghetti the classic Italian way for Jason, while I used kamut rotini for myself, since I’m to avoid wheat and rice. 2 kg Ground Pork (…

JiaoZi, Potsticker, Gyoza

mix 3 cups reg. ground pork, 1 egg, 1 c minced chives, 1 T garlic, 1/4 c dark soy, 1 T salt, 2 t blk pepper, 2 Tsesame oil, and 2 T cornstarch. Then spoon into store bought wrappers and seal with a bit of water and pinch shut, then creat pleats. Cook right away…